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(Carmel Gifts is not making any claims of curative or other properties to the jewelry sold on this website)



Purifies and gives energy to the emotional and physical body and joins them into spiritual energy.  The clear crystal reflects white pure light that can enter our thoughts, helps the third eye. Helps to concentrate and focus. Used as a general healing stone, helps with pain and balancing the Chakras. 




Gives a sense of calmness, peacefulness and flow. Brings peace, balances and cleans the energies. Encourages wholeness, loyalty and helps with focusing on targets. It can ease the breathing of people who suffer from asthma and allergies.



Gives a sense of calmness and serenity, can prevent anger and can ease depression. Represents faith, purity, innocence and generosity. It can ease nightmares and can help with breathing.


Balances the center of energy in the body. Helps to open the third eye. Cleans and heals the spiritual understanding. Increases the sense of courage, intuition and creativity. Can help with insomnia and can ease headache.



The protector of energy- gives a positive perspective of life. Empowering your will and strongly recommended for passive people. Helps with pressure and despair. Helps with digestion and increases brain activity. 


Duality stone, Helps with accepting changes and increases joy, happiness and confidence, relieves stress and pressure.


Protection stone. Gives a sense of calmness and mental balance. Strengthens the body.



Encourages communication, spiritual awareness and showing emotions. Increases the ability of achieving goals and optimism. Decreases anger and increases a sense of serenity.


Increases communication, spiritual awareness and expressing emotions. Gives a sense of balance and serenity



Love stone. Teaches one to love and receive love. The Rose Quartz teaches the person to forgive and not hold any grudges and vengeance. Improves self-image.


Increases determination, grounding and helps with self-control, easing of fears, despair, stress and depression. Strengthens the balance between the yin and yang, provides protection.


Good for balancing during changes. Helps with decision making. Balances the bowel activity and muscles.


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